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    Attractions → Andrushivka Raion

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    Museum sugar factory

    • /en/page/muzej-saharnogo-zavoda
    • Chervone
    Sugar Factory in Red in the XIX century acquired from the landowners Groholsky family of industrialists Tereshchenko They modernized the plant in accordance with the best technology at the time F Tereshchenko fond of aviation founded during the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Palace Tereshchenko

    • /en/page/dvorets-tereshchenko-2
    • Chervone
    Significant though much dilapidated three storey neo Gothic building with two towers stands in sharp contrast with the surrounding agricultural landscape of the village of Red Palace with pointed windows and other Gothic features built tycoon  A... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    The Church of Jesus Christ

    • /en/page/kostel-iisusa-hrista
    • Ruzhyn
    Church of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in Ruzyne built by Count Kalinovsky in 1815 According to legend the church is connected by an underground passage to the manor house Under the Soviet government closed the shrine the Dome... attractions, Cultural objects

    Музей історії міста

    Бердичівський міський історичний музей розміщений в одному з флігелів монастиря босих кармелітів - колишньому будинку священиків. Крім основної експозиції, що розповідає про історію міста Бердичева, в музеї можна відвідати різні тематичні виставки.... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Palace Tereshchenko

    Neo Renaissance palace in the second half XIX century built in Zhytomyr Sugar N Tereshchenko on the site of the old palace graphs Berzhinsky Built on the second floor in 1975 During the Civil War the palace was located volrevkomu then the... attractions, Cultural objects

    The Church of Saint. Barbara

    Roman Catholic Church of St Barbara was built in 1826 by architect A Prushinsky on the site of the old wooden church built in 1759 princes Radziwill Nearby is the grotto of the Virgin Mary In 1850 in the church of St Barbara was married French... attractions, Cultural objects

    St. Nicholas Cathedral

    St Nicholas Cathedral the main Orthodox church of Berdichev built on the site of the wooden church of St Nicholas which was built in 1748 by the efforts of the owner Barbara Záviš city The church kept the old icon of St Nicholas which was... attractions, Cultural objects

    Парк культури та відпочинку ім. Шевченко

    • /en/page/park-kulturi-ta-vidpochink ...
    • Berdychiv
    Перед парком встановлено пам'ятник Тарасу Григоровичу Шевченку.... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    City Berdichev

    Berdichev before the glorious history In the XIX th century due to its strategic location this city became a major trading center Through it ran way from Russia to Europe Many merchants large quantities of goods as well as about  130 underground... attractions, Cultural objects


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