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    Waterpark Cape of Good Hope

    Cape of Good Hope one of the largest water parks in Ukraine Opened in Berdyansk in 2006 It was established on 28 rides slides Valley of the Serpent a bizarre intertwining of three slides snakes ranging in length from 107 to 133 the attraction is... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monument cottagers

    Monument cottagers one of the most interesting monuments of the city of Berdyansk (Ukraine) It was opened in October 2005 and is dedicated to the Day of celebration gardener and horticulturist Cottagers monument located near the central market It is... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Zoo Safari

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    Private zoo open air safari was created in 2004 in Berdyansk entrepreneur I Kalchenko Covers an area of ​​2 5 hectares at the beginning of the Berdyansk spit Area is well laid out cages ponds alpine slide recreational facilities coffee shop  ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monument Bullhead the feeder

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-bychku-kormiltsu
    Monument dedicated to Bullhead the feeder primary production of local fisheries Azov goby Bronze fish mounted on the Seaside area of ​​Berdyansk and is the hallmark of the city At the base of the monument's label which  reads Bychkov breadwinner... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monument to the children of Lieutenant Schmidt

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-detyam-lejtenant ...
    Monument to the children of Lieutenant Schmidt is the main attraction of the park of the city of Berdyansk Schmidt Park (Ukraine) which covers an area of ​​about 3 5 hectares It was the home town of Berdyansk for the famous red lieutenant People... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monument "Happy Childhood"

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-schastlivoe-dets ...
    Monument Happy Childhood which represents the three wheeled bicycle bronze mounted in Berdyansk Zaporozhye region June 1 2008 On the same day there were significant celebrations the opening day of the holiday season and day protection  children... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Water park "Cape of Good Hope"

    • /en/page/akvapark-mys-dobroj-nadezh ...
    Water park Cape of Good Hope is a huge area with plenty of water sports and attractions is located on the picturesque coast of the Azov Sea in Berdyansk It covers an area of ​​about five hectares and is striking for its diversity   The general... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Nudist beach Berdyansk

    • /en/page/nudistskij-plyazh-berdyans ...
    Nudist beach is located on the Berdyansk Berdyansk spit in a reserved inaccessible place surrounded by trees and tall grass Here the lovers bezpolosochnogo Sun substituting gentle sun your body Pure white sand and warm Sea of ​​Azov attract both... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monument luggage

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-bagazhu
    Berdyansk not apply to citizens tired aesthetic surprises in a lot of bizarre architectural forms and unusual monuments In 2011 the central avenue there is another Monument travelers Actually monument called the pile  suitcases and packages... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Смотровая Площадка

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