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    Museum of Tarnow

    Chernigov Historical Museum named after Kachanovsky landowner businessman and philanthropist W Tarnow who in 1902 organized the first museum in the city of Ukrainian antiquity Now the museum is located in the former home of the governor on the shaft... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Chernihiv Collegium

    Openwork building with tall bell tower was built in the beginning XVIII century using elements of ancient architecture At the initiative of the Archbishop Maksimovic and with the financial support of Hetman Ivan Mazepa was opened here one of the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Trinity Cathedral

    • /en/page/troitskij-sobor
    Trinity Cathedral in Chernihiv included in the complex Trinity Monastery based on Boldin Hills in the XI century Anthony of the Caves After the Mongol invasion the monastery was revived in 1649 at the initiative of Colonel S Podobaylo Ensemble ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    The Art Museum

    Chernihiv Regional Art Museum G Galagan housed in a former girls' school (XIX c ) What the shaft The collection includes about 8 thousand Of fine and decorative art from the XVI century and up to now  days It is based on a unique collection of... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Catherine's Church

    • /en/page/ekaterininskaya-tserkov
    Church of St Catherine solemnly meets all entering the Chernigov from Kiev as a symbol of the city Located on the opposite hill Detintsa the Alley of Heroes Temple in the Ukrainian Baroque style built on the site of an ancient temple  period of... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    House-Museum Kotsyubyns'kogo

    • /en/page/dom-muzej-kotsyubinskogo
    Literary Memorial Museum Kotsyubinsky opened in the house where the writer lived from 1898 to 1913 where he wrote the novel Fata morgana Intermezzo Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors et al Hosted the many well known intellectuals Recreated ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Guerrilla dugout

    • /en/page/partizanskie-zemlyanki
    The guerrilla movement is one of the brightest pages of the Great Patriotic War which left a huge imprint on the soul of each of us In 1941 1943 Yalinskaya forest served as a place for basing many guerrilla groups Chernihiv Oblast partisan ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Chernihiv railway station

    • /en/page/chernigovskij-zheleznodoro ...
    Chernihiv railway station it is a beautiful monumental building which was built in the postwar period Hungarian and German prisoners of war In 1999 the building was restoredThrough Chernihiv railway station with regular trains ply such as St... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Clothing market "Niva"

    • /en/page/veshchevoj-rynok-niva
    Clothing market Niva is the largest clothing market town of Chernihiv (Ukraine) On its territory there are more than thousands of boutiques shops furniture store small cafe dairy pavilion surface parking In addition the territory of the market Niva... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Chernihiv Collegium

    • /en/page/chernigovskij-kollegium-1
    Chernihiv Collegium was founded in 1700 by Archbishop John in Chernigov Collegium is the first institution of higher education located in the left bank Ukraine It was built in the baroque style with the money of Ivan Mazepa First in the Collegium... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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