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    Trinity Church

    • /en/page/troitskaya-tserkov-4
    • Kotelva
    200 year old Trinity Church which adorns the center of the village Kotelva is an architectural monument Built in 1812 on the site of the burnt wooden church founded in the XVII century The stone church was the fourth in a row after three wooden... attractions, Cultural objects

    Museum of local lore

    • /en/page/kraevedcheskij-muzej-23
    • Kotelva
    Kotelevsky Regional Museum is temporarily housed in the building of the District House of Culture in the center of town Kotelva At the time of the indigenous here undeveloped room ethnography The museum exhibition presents archaeological finds from... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Pottery Center Oposhnya

    • /en/page/tsentr-goncharstva-oposhny ...
    • Opishnia
    The latest pottery center is the largest pottery center located in Ukraine In addition the last village is considered an informal capital of Ukrainian pottery It is located near Poltava The latter is first mentioned in KP century and its flourishing... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Krasnokutsky arboretum

    Krasnokutsky dndropark one of the oldest parks arboretums Ukraine Founded in 1809 (According to other sources in 1793) biologist II Karazin brother of the founder of Kharkov University Karazin the family estate Their father Karazin colonel of the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Museum of Ukrainian Pottery

    National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne founded in 1986 This ancient town has long been famous as the largest center of masters of ceramics pottery capital of Ukraine The exposition in the open air with exclusive copyrights ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    History and Art Museum

    Parkhomovskii History and Art Museum Lunev a unique art gallery dubbed rural Hermitage Gallery created in 1955 a rural teacher Lunev as a branch of the school museum Its centerpiece is a picture acquired  Lunev in the post war Kharkov flea... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Church of the Intercession

    Holy Church of the Intercession in Parkhomovka was part of the Count's manor Podgorichani The first wooden church in Parkhomovka was founded in 1704 in its place Earl I Podgorichani after 1769 built a five domed wooden church and in 1808 the widow... attractions, Cultural objects

    Belskoye settlement

    • /en/page/belskoe-gorodishche
    • Bilsk
    Belskoye settlement under Kotelva Europe's largest Scythian settlement (4 th Ha) Scientists identify Belskoye settlement with the legendary city of Gelon described by Herodotus' Scythian capital Surround the city defensive walls and ditches... attractions, Cultural objects

    Arc de Triomphe

    • /en/page/triumfalnaya-arka-2
    • Proni
    Business card settlement the only surviving civil construction of the estate of the family Kochubeev Main entrance to the estate was decorated with classical triumphal arch in honor of the arrival in Dikan'ka Emperor Alexander I a close... attractions, Cultural objects

    Nicholas Church Dikanki

    • /en/page/nikolaevskaya-tserkov-dika ...
    • Dykanka
    In Dzіkantsy in this strange place apetay classics of Russian literature is St Nicholas Church According to legend in the woods Dikanki local residents discovered the holy icon of Saint Nicholas and brought her to the existing temple But in a... attractions, Cultural objects
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