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    Museum of Folk Architecture

    National historical and ethnographic reserve Pereyaslav includes in its membership and the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Central Naddnepryanschiny Saved religious buildings of 18 20 centuries residential and farm buildings brought from all

    Boris and Gleb Church

    1000 years ago on the site of the assassination of Prince Boris son of Vladimir Monomakh in Pereyaslove Khmelnytsky Boris and Gleb Church was built Boris was killed on the orders of Svyatopolk the Damned Prince Boris one of the first Russian

    Collegium (Museum Pans)

    In 1753 Gregory Skovoroda taught here poetics Collegium was founded in 1738 at Ascension Monastery In the school studied grammar rhetoric poetics philosophy and theology Studied children 6 years of age Basically students  had come from the

    City High School

    In the 19th century in Pereyaslav Khmelnytsky on the territory of the Ascension Monastery was built urban high school The brick building a strong and large Until 1917 it housed the hostel religious school Then a children's home during the Second


    School number 2 Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky - beautiful buildings of late classicism. One of them - former Zemstvo Pereyaslav, the second - women's gymnasium. Together they constitute the architectural ensemble, with school building has an elegant decor.

    St. Michael's Church (Episcopal courtyard)

    In Michael's Cathedral built in the 11th century buried Pereiaslav princes But the Mongols destroyed the cathedral And restore it only in the years 1646 1666 Pereyaslav Colonel F Loboda St Michael's Church is located in the center of the former

    Trinity Church

    17th century In Pereyaslav built the first wooden church on the money Colonel V Serbin This Trinity Church After a lightning strike church burned in 1791 In 1804 the restored church was consecrated The bell tower was built in 1864 Trinity

    Cathedral of the Assumption

    Now it is working temple pyatikupolny in the pseudo style In this form it was rebuilt in the late 19th century In 1655 the wooden building burned down in a fire when it was a military cathedral from 1586 year In this temple rebuilt Prince Basil of

    Ascension Monastery (diorama)

    Hetman Ivan Mazepa erected at his own expense Ascension Monastery in 1700 Ascension Cathedral in the style of Ukrainian national architecture It has a complicated structure It is decorated with stucco in the Ukrainian Baroque style Architectural

    Synagogue (Factory art products)

    In the synagogue produce Ukrainian embroidery rushnyki and other products of weaving and embroidery This is possible The synagogue was acting first 20th century when it was built Indeed in the late 19th century in Pereyaslav half the population was
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