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Університетська вулиця, Kharkiv

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Pokrovsky Monastery

Holy Protection Monastery in Kharkov the oldest surviving building in the city In the XVII century Monastery was a system of fortifications Kharkiv fortress The bell tower of the Cathedral of the Intercession (1689) has the form of tower defense... attractions, Cultural objects

Cathedral of the Assumption

Tall and slim temple in the Ukrainian Baroque style was built in the center of the University hill on the site of the old cathedral bell tower with chimes in 1688 built by architect E and A Vasiliev ton is the tallest building in the city (89 m)... attractions, Cultural objects

Old university building

Old building Kharkov University built in the XVIII century as the home of the Governor General There is the oldest building in the city in the classical style Kharkov University was housed in the governor's palace from 1805 to 1958 Later the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Historical Museum

Kharkiv Historical Museum was founded in 1920 The Museum of Sloboda Ukraine them H Skovoroda Located in a former pawnshop red brick built in 1908 by architect B Kornienko In the four departments collected archaeological finds from  excavations... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Cathedral of the Assumption

This magnificent church in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary located on the banks of the River Lopan is the oldest Orthodox church in the city of Kharkiv The first mention of it there are still reports of magistrates Ofrosimov in... attractions, Cultural objects

St. Basil's Cathedral

St Basil's Cathedral in Kharkov is the Orthodox Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin St Basil's Cathedral is a valuable monument of Ukrainian architecture of the second half of the XVII century This baroque church with three domes Patterned... attractions, Cultural objects

Governor's Palace

Gubernatarskі palace a monument of architecture of XVIII century in Kharkov Currently the building is the main building of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy Throughout its history as well served as the main body of the Imperial... attractions, Cultural objects

Historical Museum

Historical Museum in Kharkov was originally founded as the Museum of Sloboda Ukraine them H Skovoroda in 1920 In Soviet times the museum was located in the bishop's house Pokrovsky Monastery and building Zhirardovskoy manufactory It was only in the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Покровський собор

Покровский собор старіша з вцілівших будівель міста Він побудован у 1689 році Покровский собор міститься поблизу площу Конституції та є цінним пам'ятником української архітектури другої половини XVII століття Це типова українська трьохкуполна... attractions, Cultural objects

Церковно-історичний музей

Час роботи Пн Пт з 10 00 до 17 00 Вихідний Сб Нд У центрі Харкова на терирорії Свято Покровського монастиря знаходиться церковно історичний музей Харківської єпархії Це єдиний музей церковної історії Слобідської України Музей відкрито для усіх... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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