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    The complex of buildings houses the state industry built on the initiative of Felix Dzerzhinsky becoming the core of a new administrative center of Kharkiv the then capital of Ukraine This is the first high rise reinforced concrete structures in the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Pokrovsky Monastery

    Holy Protection Monastery in Kharkov the oldest surviving building in the city In the XVII century Monastery was a system of fortifications Kharkiv fortress The bell tower of the Cathedral of the Intercession (1689) has the form of tower defense... attractions, Cultural objects

    Cathedral of the Assumption

    Tall and slim temple in the Ukrainian Baroque style was built in the center of the University hill on the site of the old cathedral bell tower with chimes in 1688 built by architect E and A Vasiliev ton is the tallest building in the city (89 m)... attractions, Cultural objects

    Annunciation Cathedral

    Grandiose architectural ensemble in the neo Byzantine style with a 75 meter high bell tower rises above the city Lopan Cathedral of the Annunciation was built in 1901 on the site of the old Annunciation Church whose history begins in 1655 with the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Old university building

    Old building Kharkov University built in the XVIII century as the home of the Governor General There is the oldest building in the city in the classical style Kharkov University was housed in the governor's palace from 1805 to 1958 Later the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Freedom Square

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    Freedom Square in Kharkov the central square of the city One of the twenty largest squares in the world According to legend at the time of construction was the largest area in Europe (11 9 ha) although in fact a similar area then already had Chess... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Mirror Stream

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    Rotunda Fountain Mirror stream in the square in front of the Opera House of Victory is considered the hallmark of the city Built in 1947 by architect V Korzh in honor of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War Until 1930 this place was located ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Three Saints (Golbergovskaya) Church

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    The temple in honor of the Three Hierarchs Basil the Great Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom was built in 1915 on the initiative of the City merchant society the first guild merchant Gregory Golberg who had brothers Basil and Ivan... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Historical Museum

    Kharkiv Historical Museum was founded in 1920 The Museum of Sloboda Ukraine them H Skovoroda Located in a former pawnshop red brick built in 1908 by architect B Kornienko In the four departments collected archaeological finds from  excavations... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Kharkov University

    Kharkiv National University Karazin one of the largest and oldest universities in Eastern Europe Was founded in 1805 as the Imperial University of Kharkov The initiator was an outstanding scientist and educator Karazin whose name  University is... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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