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    Old university building

    Old building Kharkov University built in the XVIII century as the home of the Governor General There is the oldest building in the city in the classical style Kharkov University was housed in the governor's palace from 1805 to 1958 Later the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Freedom Square

    • /en/page/ploshchad-svobody
    Freedom Square in Kharkov the central square of the city One of the twenty largest squares in the world According to legend at the time of construction was the largest area in Europe (11 9 ha) although in fact a similar area then already had Chess... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Mirror Stream

    • /en/page/zerkalnaya-struya
    Rotunda Fountain Mirror stream in the square in front of the Opera House of Victory is considered the hallmark of the city Built in 1947 by architect V Korzh in honor of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War Until 1930 this place was located ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Annunciation Bazaar

    Annunciation Bazaar now the Central Market is both a historic district and the central market Bazaar got its name in 1840 because of him standing next to the old Church of the Annunciation and in 1890 thanks to the Cathedral of the Annunciation ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Botanical Garden of the University of Kharkov.

    Botanical Garden of the University of Kharkov VNKarazin Karazіna a research and conservation university site The garden is part of nature reserve fund of national importance It was founded at the same time with the Kharkiv  University in 1804... attractions, Parks and Gardens


    • /en/page/kanatnaya-doroga-1
    Kharkiv cableway run from the Central Park of Culture and Rest Gorky (st Sumy) in the Botanical Garden (ul Otakar Yarosh) While moving double cabins pass over Sarzhin Yar overlooking the Pavlovsky  Golf one of the oldest districts of Kharkov... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Gardens them. Shevchenko

    • /en/page/sad-im-shevchenko
    Urban Gardens them Shevchenko the oldest green area in the city center one of the most favorite places of the townspeople Founded in 1804 by the founder of Kharkov University Karazin based on natural oak grove on the outskirts of the city... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Cascade Fountain

    • /en/page/fontan-kaskad
    Fountain in a cascade down the steep slope of the park to them Shevchenko in the street Klochkovskaya Built on the ruins of the pre war park stairs in 1954 the opening was timed to the 300th anniversary of the city For a long time after the collapse... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

    • /en/page/sobor-uspeniya-prisnodevy- ...
    Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in 1887 92 years on the project Kharkiv city engineer Michael B Building basilica type has a high Gothic bell tower with a spire and round window rosette in the second ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Gorky Park

    • /en/page/park-gorkogo-1
    Central Park of Culture and Rest Gorky laid in 1893 95 years and inaugurated two years later when the trees have grown up a bit Originally named Nicholas and Country Park The area is about 130 hectares Now it is one of the  the main centers of... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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