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    Resort Park

    Park resort Saki artificially created one hundred years ago in the middle of the bare steppe Located on the shores of the famous Lake Saki the bottom of which are curative mud Covers an area of ​​50 hectares has 80 species of trees and shrubs On the

    Wind power

    Donuzlavskyaa VES the country's first wind farm the largest in the CIS at the time of creation Over a large area in the middle of the Crimean steppe is a forest of tall masts geometric with propellers generators The station was designed in the


    Unique in its size configuration and ecosystem salt lake in the western part of the Crimea Therapeutic composition of the water is a mixture of brine estuary sea and spring water The northwestern part of the declared reserved In 1962 the lake was

    Abandoned airfield

    Former secret airfield Crimean naval base on the Black Sea Fleet Donuzlave Construction of deployed the 1960s with an artificial lake Donuzlav channel was converted into a bay Before the war there was  seadrome where based amphibious aircraft Be


    Greco Scythian settlement of Kara Tobe the IV BC e II centuries n e is located on the west coast of Crimea near the resort of Saki Excavations have confirmed the hypothesis that Kara Tobe hill there was an ancient fortress Evpatorion built during

    Perekopsky shaft

    Perekopsky shaft a powerful earthwork crossing the Isthmus of Perekop in the narrowest part Shaft height up to 10 m it passed along the channel connecting the Gulf Perekopsky lake Siwash The exact date of construction is unknown but already in the I

    Naval Boulevard

    Naval Boulevard in Nikolaev shaded pedestrian promenade on the river Ingul vaguely reminiscent of Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa It offers a view of the river bridges and Nicholas Yacht Club In honor of the founding of the city a memorable character

    Navy Staff (Museum of shipbuilding)

    The headquarters building Black Sea Fleet in Nikolaev was built in 1794 in the style of Russian classicism by architect Neyelov For some time it housed the residence of the chief commander of the Black Sea Fleet Since 1978 the premises occupied by


    The complex of buildings of the Navy Department (Admiralty) in Nikolaev includes Staroflotskie barracks in the classical style shipyard with walls and gates as well as the gymnasium building which now houses the Nicholas Construction College  

    Officers meeting

    Two-storey building Officers' Assembly in Nikolaev - a sample of civil architecture of the XIX century. The building is in the classical style, still retains profile - now it houses the House of officers of the fleet.
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