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    Attractions → Korostyshiv Raion

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    Manor house

    The manor house of the XIX century wooden manor house and a scenic park on the bank of the river Irpen in Yaropovichah locals call serfdom By 1859 the estate belonged to the Pole T Trzhetsyaku then became the property of S Kotyuzhinskogo... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Поле ліщин

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    Church Anthony of Padua

    St Anthony of Padua in Old Kotelva founded in 1783 at the expense of the landowner A Prushinsky Date and name of the founder preserved on stone tablets on the facade of the building The church is located on the ramparts of the Old Slavonic... attractions, Cultural objects

    Palace Tereshchenko

    Neo Renaissance palace in the second half XIX century built in Zhytomyr Sugar N Tereshchenko on the site of the old palace graphs Berzhinsky Built on the second floor in 1975 During the Civil War the palace was located volrevkomu then the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Korostyshevsky careers

    Picturesque artificial lake formed in situ submerged granite quarry located at the entrance to Korostyshiv from Kiev just south of the road Refers to the enterprise Korostyshevsky careers which deals with processing of natural  stone different... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Church of the Nativity

    The majestic church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary founded in 1608 at the expense of Count Olizara rebuilt in stone in 1779 Yu Olizar The architecture of the Baroque style used by Louis XIV Altar decorated with paintings by Polish artist... attractions, Cultural objects

    Manor Olizara

    Separate preserved ancient manor house count sort Olizara who belonged Korostyshiv 1565 palace and park complex laid in the XIX century outstanding poet and social activist G Olizar In the palace was gathered a great art gallery   library there... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Полянка с белыми цветами

    River Guyva

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    River Guyva natural attraction of Ukraine which flows through the Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia region It originates near Kazatin and empties into the Black Grouse in the south western outskirts of Zhitomir The length of the river about 97 kilometers long... attractions, Natural Attractions

    A career-high stone

    Picturesque lake on site flooded granite quarry "High Stone" in the area Korostyshiv. Many tourists say the similarity of the steep rocky coast, covered with pines and birches, with lakes and rivers of Karelia. Great place to relax with tent.... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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