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    Kitaevskaya desert

    • /en/page/kitaevskaya-pustyn
    Separate monastery is located in an area which because of difficult terrain called Mousetrap The founder is considered Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky (XII century ) Dubbed China According to another version the name comes from the Turkic word China which... attractions, Natural Attractions


    • /en/page/feofaniya
    Beautiful countryside on the southern outskirts of Kiev where the park is located Feofania and St Panteleimon nunnery First mentioned in 1471 as a natural boundary Lazarevschina belonging to the governor of Kiev clocks In 1803 he settled here... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Oak Grunewald

    • /en/page/dub-gryunevalda
    Oak Grunewald one of the oldest trees in Ukraine (900 years) Named in honor of the medieval German artist Matthias Grunwald who painted oak Wood looks fabulous and unusual as well as paintings by this author Height oak 20 m the trunk girth  7 m... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Church of St. Andrew

    Church of St Andrew one of the most beautiful churches in Kiev Church appeared in 1754 by the famous architect Rastrelі by order of Empress Elizabeth Orthodox church was built in honor of the Apostle Andrew Building  Temple 46 meters high is... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Syretsky arboretum

    • /en/page/syretskij-dendropark
    Syretska park a monument of landscape art of national importance Founded in the late XIX century German Meyer as a model park ornamental plants at the flower farm Still preserved planted while yews arborvitae spruce   maples and limes Work on... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Temple on Bald Mountain

    • /en/page/kapishche-na-lysoj-gore
    Temple on Bald Mountain is in Holosiivskyi district of Kiev on the right bank of the river Lybid to Bald Mountain are two streets Lysogorskaya and Zhyguleўsku Bald Mountain or girlish Mountain is named for skudnosnoy vegetation in the XIX century in... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Monument Prone Prokopivna and Golokhvastov

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-prone-prokopovne ...
    Monument Prony Prokopovna and Golohvastov located on Andrew's descent in Kiev at the very beginning close to St Andrew's Church Monument came here in 1999 He is dedicated to the heroes of the famous Soviet comedy Chasing Two Hares by the way is... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Monument to the founders of Kiev

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-osnovatelyam-kie ...
    According to legend described by Nestor the Chronicler in the Tale of Bygone Years Kiev was founded on seven hills with three brothers and a sister The city was named after the eldest brother Kiya His figure with figures cheek and Horeb is located... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Trinity Gate Church of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

    • /en/page/troitskaya-nadvratnaya-tse ...
    Trinity Gate Church of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra a very old house Time of its construction belongs to the XII century 1106 1108 years It is located above the main gate to the monastery hence the name and is in terms of an almost perfect square  ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Водно-інформаційний центр (Музей води)

    Музей Води знаходиться в самому центрі столиці України в приміщенні першої міської водонапірної вежі побудованої в 1872 1876 р Експозиція відображає кругообіг води в природі Створені умови для подорожі по континентах під час яких можна побачити як... attractions, Natural Attractions
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