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    Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin

    Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin the oldest stone building in Khmelnitsky The temple in the classical style built on the site of the first Orthodox Church Proskurov founded in the XVIII century Burned in 1822 The main shrine was miraculous

    Museum of local lore

    Khmelnitsky Regional Museum is located in a modern building in the city center Fund totals 60 thousand Items including the treasures of medieval coins and ornaments of Kievan Rus including 4 treasures jewelry  Bolokhovskaya land Presents a large

    The Art Museum

    Art Gallery Khmelnytsky placed in a former bank (1903) Collection Khmelnytsky Regional Museum of Art has 8 thousand Forty works of art by contemporary artists All works are vivid national  color from the plot motifs and traditional element in an

    City History Museum

    Museum of the City of Khmelnitsky is located in a modern building in the pedestrian zone. It is small in size, chamber museum exposition tells about the main events in the history of the city. Submitted by more than 2 thousand. Items.

    Medzhybizh Fortress

    Majestic castle at the confluence of river Buzhok in Southern Bug which in XI XIII centuries was an ancient Russian city Mezhibozh began to build in 1362 the princes Koriatovichi (Koryatovicha) who received the land from the Grand Duke of Lithuania

    Tomb Beshta

    Synagogue with a crypt which in 1760 was buried one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the Jewish people Kabbalists the founder of Hasidism Israel ben Eliezer who was known as the Baal Shem Tov (Hello Mr Imni) or simply Besht In Medzhibozh  He

    Castle Ostrog

    The picturesque castle at the confluence of river Ikopot in cases erected in 1561 Volynia B K Ostrog to protect the region from the Tatars (held here Black Road Tatar raids) Since 1575 the castle was never taken by storm In particular in 1618 he


    High five tiered stone tower on the river clearly visible from the road as a symbol of Starokostiantyniv The square tower dungeon in the Gothic style built in the XVI century by Prince K Ostrog were part of the city fortifications Later it was

    Historical Museum

    Starokonstantinovsky District Historical Museum presents an exposition devoted to all phases of the development of the city The museum is housed in a two story building of the XIX century In which until 1917 was located gendarmerie control then

    Manor Chechel

    Magnificent palace and park complex in Samchyky one of the best preserved in Ukraine estates XVIII XIX centuries Farmstead founded in 1725 gentry Ya Hoetskih in its current form was built in 1790 1805 gg Gaysinsky warden Colonel P Chechel  
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