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    Church of the Holy. Cross

    Catholic Church of St Cross was built in Komargorode in 1770 (according to other sources in 1746) The building was rebuilt in 1878 82 thoroughly years after the church was converted to the Orthodox Church of St Nicholas At the same time it received... attractions, Cultural objects

    Soroca Fortress

    • /en/page/krepost-soroka
    • Soroca
    Moldovan Soroca Fortress the main tourist attraction of the city Magpies In the Middle Ages was part of the Forty Moldovan defensive system and its wooden fortress was built on the site of the old fortifications in 1499 on behalf of Stephen the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Gradina Publica Petru Rares

    • /en/page/gradina-publica-petru-rare ...
    • Soroca

    Lumânarea recunoștinței

    • /en/page/lumnarea-recunotinei
    • Soroca

    The memorial complex "Badea Miory"

    • /en/page/memorialnyj-kompleks-badya ...
    • Zastinca
    Badea Miory it's a beautiful memorial on top Bekirova mountains the central figure of which is the monument of Candle Thanksgiving The complex is located a few kilometers south of the city Magpies and enjoys considerable popularity among tourists... attractions, Cultural objects

    Dominican Church

    • /en/page/dominikanskij-kostel-2
    • Tulchyn
    The church of the monastery of the Dominicans in Tulchin was built in 1780 in the style of early classicism The first Catholic church came to this place back in 1636 was destroyed Novskore Revived at the expense of Polish magnate S Potocki Here... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of the Assumption

    • /en/page/uspenskaya-tserkov-5
    • Tulchyn
    Orthodox church of the Assumption was built in 1789 at the expense of S. Potocki. The building is in the classical style. Stone bunk bell tower was built in the XIX century. instead of wooden.... attractions, Cultural objects

    Tower of the Winds

    Tower of the Winds a historical monument built in the late XIX century Troubetzkoy Emilia daughter of Field Marshal Peter Christianovich in memory of his great father Gazebo built of hewn stone its height is about five feet four square  columns... attractions, Cultural objects
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