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    House-Museum Dahl

    A small one storey house in a working area of ​​Lugansk which in 1801 was born an outstanding writer and lexicographer Dal in 1986 became a museum Exposure to five rooms dedicated to the life and work of a collector of Explanatory Dictionary of... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Peter and Paul Cathedral

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    Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul - the oldest building in the city. The original church was wooden. In the 1792-96 biennium at the same place built a stone church.... attractions, Cultural objects

    The building of hotel "Ukraine"

    The building of hotel Ukraine in Lugansk was designed by Soviet architect I Yu Karakisa in 1947 The opening of the hotel took place on the eve of the anniversary of the October Revolution so her first name was October Construction is a prominent... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Monument "Mother of God"

    Luhansk monument Mother of God ( The Virgin ) is unique in its kind for the whole of Ukraine Monument noted a landmark for the celebration of the Christian world dates the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ The total height of the sculpture... attractions, Cultural objects

    Shopping mall "Lugansk City Center"

    Shopping mall Lugansk City Center the largest in Lugansk area of ​​over 20 000 square meters The opening of the center on the street Soviet happened in 2007 Modern shopping complex offers visitors many areas for shopping and holding  free time... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Shopping center "GUM"

    Shopping mall GUM opened in Lugansk recently and has become one of the most fashionable and popular shops According to the updated exterior is a modern boutiques that not only offer excellent products but also a pleasant surprise delicious ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Hotel "Lugansk"

    In the heart of the cultural and business part of Lugansk is a 19 storey hotel Lugansk which reach heights of 82 meters Convenient location at the crossroads of two major thoroughfares of the city allows guests easy access to  monuments Lugansk... attractions, Cultural objects

    Museum of local lore

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    Lugansk Regional Museum one of the oldest museums in the Donets Basin Located in the constructivist building construction in 1976 7 exhibits devoted to the history of Lugansk region from ancient times to the present day Is an exhibition Inhabitants... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    The Art Museum

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    Lugansk regional art museum located in the former home of Industrialists Venderovich (1876) One of the oldest streets in the city It began in 1920 put the Museum of Artistic Culture a large batch of items for which was brought from Moscow  and... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Museum of the History of Lugansk

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    History and Culture Museum of Lugansk is located in a former City Council Created in 1980 as a museum of Voroshilov after whom the city in Soviet times was called Voroshilovgrad Here was gathered the richest collection in the country dedicated... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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