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    Attractions → Lviv

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    Jesuit Church

    Jesuit church of St Peter and Paul in Lviv one of the biggest religious buildings of the city the first striking example of Mannerism (early Baroque) in Lviv Construction began in 1610 a Jesuit monk S Lyanhius who made the original author ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Potocki Palace (Museum of European Art)

    The most luxurious palace in Lviv created for influential Polish magnates Potocki designed by French architect Ludwig de Verney with the participation of the Polish architect Yu Tsybulsky His style resembles a French chateaux of the Classical period... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Opera house

    Opera Theatre Krushelnytska in Lviv is one of the most beautiful theaters in Europe on a par with the Odessa and Vienna State Opera The facade is decorated sculptural figures Life and Art statue Glory Victory Love The theater was designed  so... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Black Kamenica (Museum of the liberation movement)

    An impressive piece of residential Renaissance architecture one of the business cards of the city Black Kamenica built in the late XVI century Italian architect P Barbon and P Roman Since 1596 the house became the property of J Lorentsovicha which... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    House Kornyakta (Historical Museum)

    Korniakt Palace in the Market Square the pearl of Renaissance architecture residential city The house was built by architect P Barbon and P Roman commissioned by the Greek merchant K Kornyakta Subsequently became the property of the royal family... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Lviv Polytechnic

    Lviv Polytechnic National University was founded in 1844 It was the first academic technical school in Ukraine Technical Academy building was built in 1977 by architect Zakharevich Yu who became its rector Interiors richly majestic building ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Pharmacy Museum

    First in Lviv pharmacy opened in stone Under the Black Eagle on the corner of Market Square in 1735 a military pharmacist F Natorp Preserved ancient interior sales area Viennese masters of painting on the ceiling vintage scales and cash registers In... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    City Hall

    Dominant Market Square one of the most recognizable symbols of the city The main entrance to the building is guarded by two symbolic lion holding a shield with the arms of the city The first wooden town hall was built in 1381 and later rebuilt... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Market Square

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    The architectural ensemble of the main shopping area of ​​Lviv began to take shape in the XIV century on the model of European medieval cities (besides the shopping center was the Old Market) On the four sides of the square is surrounded by 44... attractions, Cultural objects

    Liberty Avenue

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    The central street of the city elegant and prestigious in Lviv Emerged in the XVIII century in place of the lower city wall Old names Lower Shafts Shafts German pr Lenina Architectural eclecticism with features of classical neo Renaissance and... attractions, Cultural objects
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