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    Market Square

    • /en/page/ploshchad-rynok
    The architectural ensemble of the main shopping area of ​​Lviv began to take shape in the XIV century on the model of European medieval cities (besides the shopping center was the Old Market) On the four sides of the square is surrounded by 44... attractions, Cultural objects

    Liberty Avenue

    • /en/page/prospekt-svobody
    The central street of the city elegant and prestigious in Lviv Emerged in the XVIII century in place of the lower city wall Old names Lower Shafts Shafts German pr Lenina Architectural eclecticism with features of classical neo Renaissance and... attractions, Cultural objects

    Powder Tower

    • /en/page/porohovaya-bashnya
    Fully preserved fragment of fortifications of Lviv one of the 17 towers that were part of a ring of city fortifications Monument of military defensive architecture of the Renaissance Powder Tower was located on the shaft of the defense for the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of St. Nicholas

    Church of the Holy Father Nicholas the oldest monument of monumental architecture of the city Probably the temple was built as a tomb Galician princes was the main spiritual center of Lviv Ruthenian The first mention Back in 1292 the prince's... attractions, Cultural objects

    ST. Jura

    • /en/page/sobor-sv-yura
    The Metropolitan Cathedral of St Jura in Lviv one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles of the city the pearl of Ukrainian Baroque The main shrine of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church where for a long time the residence of the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Cathedral (Latin) Cathedral

    • /en/page/kafedralnyj-latinskij-sobo ...
    Cathedral (Latin) Cathedral the main cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church in Lviv Built and rebuilt Lviv city planners for 400 years The first stone was laid by the Polish king Casimir the Great in 1360 after the restoration of 1760 78 biennium... attractions, Cultural objects


    • /en/page/lychakovskoe-kladbishche
    Cemeteries Museum located near the center of the city of Lviv more like a landscape park Cemetery officially founded in 1784 although it was in the XVI century An area of ​​40 hectares divided into 86 fields which are nearly 3 5 thousand... attractions, Cultural objects

    Shevchenko Hai

    • /en/page/shevchenkovskij-gaj
    Museum Folk Architecture and Life situated on a wooded hill in the eastern part of Lviv in the High Castle Divided into six ethnographic zones representing the life of various nationalities in Western Ukraine boykovskuyu Lemko Hutsul Bukovina... attractions, Cultural objects

    Assumption (Voloshskaya) Church

    • /en/page/uspenskaya-voloshskaya-tse ...
    Assumption (Voloshskaya) church in Lviv an outstanding monument of Renaissance architecture of Galicia For a long time the church was made of wood Construction of the stone church began in the XV century and lasted for more than four decades (arch P... attractions, Cultural objects

    Armenian Cathedral

    • /en/page/armyanskij-sobor
    The Armenian quarter of Lviv between st Armenian and Ukrainian is L cathedral bell tower the Archbishop's Palace and the convent Structures form a colorful Armenian Yard Construction led the Armenian architect Doring (Dorhi)  the means of... attractions, Cultural objects
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