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    Museum of local lore

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    • Armyansk
    Armenian historical museum named the winner of the First All Ukrainian competition for the best public museum in Ukraine Six exhibition halls introductory hall of nature the history of the factory hall Titan local history room hall history ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Perekopsky shaft

    Perekopsky shaft a powerful earthwork crossing the Isthmus of Perekop in the narrowest part Shaft height up to 10 m it passed along the channel connecting the Gulf Perekopsky lake Siwash The exact date of construction is unknown but already in the I... attractions, Cultural objects

    Swan Islands

    A group of six islands spread over 8 km along the coast of the Gulf Karkinit on which the spring and summer is going to a huge number of migratory birds Its name the islands gave Brauler German scientist who visited here in the context XIX century... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Church of the Intercession

    Church of the Intercession in Chaplinka built in 1844 at the church acted a parish school. At the present time - the current Orthodox church.... attractions, Cultural objects

    Museum of local lore

    Chaplinskiy District Local History Museum is located in a green area in the city center The founder and first head was the director of the school Chervonopolyanskoy Maksimov The basis of the exhibition he put his own collection of agricultural... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova

    Unique Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova counts its history since 1828 when it was founded on the initiative of the Duke Friedrich Ferdinand of Anhalt Ketenskogo According to the original intent of the founders of the future nature reserve in the early... attractions, Natural Attractions

    A monument to the founder of Ascania Nova

    A monument to the founder of Ascania Nova was established in 2009 on the territory of the reserve in front of the museum Nature Tavria He is a figure sitting in a chair Baron beside which depicts a rare bird bustard Monument to Friedrich Pfalz... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Ascania Nova

    Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova the oldest reserve complex of Ukraine Founded in the late XIX century Friedrich Pfalz Fein as a private reserve Heron on 500 acres of land Here is stored in the original form of a large portion of the virgin feather... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Stone images

    Stone images have anthropomorphic statues in height from 1 to 4 meters which portray women or men In Askania Nova in the south of Ukraine you can meet some of the preserved statues stone sculptures In large quantities they have been found  also... attractions, Cultural objects
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