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    Attractions → city Chervonohrad Raion

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    Палац Потоцьких


    Potocki Palace

    The palace was built in Chervonograd for representatives of powerful family of Polish landowners Potocki designed by the famous architect Pierre de Tirredzhelli Rico The architecture of the combined styles of baroque and early classical Now the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Convent of St. Jura

    Monastery and Church of St Jura founded in Chervonograd Belz Voivod S Potocki in 1763 for the Greek Catholic Basilian Order In 1771 76 he was on the place of wooden buildings by architect J Zellner was erected a stone church and cells The... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Church of the Holy Spirit

    The Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit the most noticeable building Chervonograd Founded in 1692 with a Roman Catholic monastery of the Order of Bernardine After a fire destroyed the wooden building in 1760 the complex was rebuilt in stone at... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monastery of St. George

    St George's Monastery is an architectural monument of the city Chervonograd and belongs to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Svyatoyursky monastery was founded by the Basilian Order for Voivod Saleziyu Potocki at the beginning of 1763 The main... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Church of the Holy Spirit

    Beautiful temple in Chervonograd considered Church of the Holy Spirit The church is used as an Orthodox church and is now referred to as the Church of St Vladimir Construction of the temple began in 1692 simultaneously with the Roman Catholic... attractions, Cultural objects

    Pamyatink Nesterov

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    • Zavady
    Monument in honor of the Russian military pilot the founder of aerobatics the author of dead loop P Nesterov located on the outskirts Will Vysotsky the site of the death of the pilot In 1914 during an air battle with the Austrian ace Baron von... attractions, Cultural objects

    St. Michael's Church

    The wooden church of St Michael Michael's Will Vysotsky one of the oldest surviving wooden churches of Lviv The interior can be seen iconostasis 1655 Some of the icons for which the artist in 1688 89 years I Rutkovich During the restoration in 1992... attractions, Cultural objects

    Trinity Church

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    • Zhovkva
    Wooden church of the Holy Trinity an outstanding work of Galician folk architecture Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the category Wooden Churches of the Carpathian region of Ukraine Inside is a unique iconostasis local  masters (the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Defensive synagogue

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    • Zhovkva
    The world famous Synagogue Zhovkva is an architectural monument and a cult defensive works of the XVII century This is one of the most impressive and largest synagogue in the whole of Europe and it is located in the town of Zhovkva Lviv region  ... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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