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    Attractions → city Kharkiv Raion

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    Old university building

    Old building Kharkov University built in the XVIII century as the home of the Governor General There is the oldest building in the city in the classical style Kharkov University was housed in the governor's palace from 1805 to 1958 Later the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Cathedral of the Assumption

    This magnificent church in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary located on the banks of the River Lopan is the oldest Orthodox church in the city of Kharkiv The first mention of it there are still reports of magistrates Ofrosimov in... attractions, Cultural objects

    Governor's Palace

    Gubernatarskі palace a monument of architecture of XVIII century in Kharkov Currently the building is the main building of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy Throughout its history as well served as the main body of the Imperial... attractions, Cultural objects

    Парк "Слави"

    Тінистий парк напроти Собору Успіння Присвятої Богородиці. В парку продають різноманітні сувеніри і вироби ручної роботи.... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Cathedral of the Assumption

    Tall and slim temple in the Ukrainian Baroque style was built in the center of the University hill on the site of the old cathedral bell tower with chimes in 1688 built by architect E and A Vasiliev ton is the tallest building in the city (89 m)... attractions, Cultural objects

    Proletarian area

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    • Kharkiv
    Proletarian area one of the oldest central square of Kharkov which originated in the XVIII century It is under the University hill on the left bank of the river Lopan From the north area bounded Catholic descent from the south east with an area of... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Pokrovsky Square

    Terraced park (arch H Wegman I Zhilkin M Lutsk A Lighthouse 1951 52) situated on the slope of Stepan Khalturin adjacent to University Street Earlier in this place is a building of the old arcade owned merchant Pasenco Tryapkinu and subsequently ... attractions, Cultural objects

    Proletarian area

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    • Kharkiv
    The current Proletarian area below the University hill along the shaft of the former was formed in the beginning XVIII century as a trading area with shops and taverns where 4 times a week were traded Called the Market or Lopan market In the XIX... attractions, Cultural objects

    Central Department Store

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    • Kharkiv
    Central Mall the first shopping center of Kharkov built in the end of 1933 on the site of shopping malls The architect of the first building project was well known architect AV Linetskiy At the end of the 1930s expanded the department under the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Rosa Luxemburg Platz

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    • Kharkiv
    Rosa Luxemburg Platz one of the most popular places in Kharkov It starts from the Constitution Square in the middle of the street and crossed the University on the west end of Proletarian area The area was founded in the late XVII century It... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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