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    Attractions → City of Kyiv Oblast

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    Dnipro Embankment

    • /en/page/naberezhnaya-dnepra
    • Kyiv
    Dnieper embankment stretches along the river from the Postal Square to the famous Kiev bridge Paton on which you can walk In the summer from the river port near the Postal Square you can take a walk on the river tramvaychyku The most popular bridge... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Sculpture "The World" in Kiev

    • /en/page/skulptura-mir-v-gorode-kie ...
    • Kyiv
    Sculpture The World in Kiev is located on the shore type subway station Dnepr and is one of the many attractions of the city It is one of the best works of famous sculptors FA Katsyubіnskaga YM Kuntsevych JS Gorovoy and like M Karlov The ten... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    The Dnieper River

    • /en/page/reka-dnepr
    • Kyiv
    Dnepr along its length (more than 2 thousand kilometers) and area (more than 500 thousand square kilometers) is the third European river after the Volga and the Danube Dnieper flows in the three countries Ukraine Russia Belarus Longer track it... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monument to LF Bykov

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-bykovu-l-f
    • Kyiv
    Monument Bykov TA Monument in honor of the legendary Soviet actor and director Leonid Fedorovich Bykov It is dedicated to military pilots and is located near the Walk of Fame in Kiev Monument to LF Bykov Leonid Fedorovich reflects the image of... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument to victims of famine

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-zhertvam-golodom ...
    • Kyiv
    In November 2008 the grand opening of the monument Candle of Memory dedicated to all those who died during the famine that occurred in Ukraine in 1933 It is a 32 meter concrete chapel made in the form of a white candle with  beautiful gilded... attractions, Cultural objects

    Saviour - Transfiguration Cathedral

    • /en/page/spaso-preobrazhenskij-sobo ...
    • Kyiv
    Spas in Berestove is the oldest Kiev temple dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Lord Construction of the temple dates back to the XII century Shestistolpny cross church with three chapels is part of a complex of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra It was... attractions, Cultural objects

    Park of Eternal Glory to the soldiers of WWII

    • /en/page/park-vechnoj-slavy-voinam- ...
    • Kyiv
    Park of Eternal Glory to the soldiers of WWII in Kiev a complex of monuments which is located on the shores of the beautiful landscape of the Dnieper River The complex consists of alley of heroes in which are buried 35 heroes of WWII an eternal... attractions, Cultural objects

    Memorial to the victims of the Holodomor

    • /en/page/memorial-pamyati-zhertv-go ...
    • Kyiv
    Memorial to victims of Holodomor in Ukraine 1932 33 located in the Glory Park on the Dnieper Carried out under the project of the artist A Gajdamaka opened on the 75th anniversary of the Holodomor in 2008 The central composition of the memorial the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Monument of Eternal Glory

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-vechnoj-slavy
    • Kyiv
    Monument of Eternal Glory is a high stele mounted on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier On its development working group of Ukrainian architects led by Abraham Miletsky Moiseich Obelisk was installed in November 1957 and its height  is 27 meters... attractions, Cultural objects

    Metro Bridge

    • /en/page/most-metro
    • Kyiv
    The first metro bridge across the Dnieper River in Kiev appeared due to the project Georgy B Fuchs who developed transport interchange for electric trains and vehicles at several levels of the bridge It connects the right bank part connects ... attractions, Cultural objects
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