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    Attractions → city Krasnyi Lyman Raion

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    Ostrich Farm

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    • Yampil
    Ostrich Farm in Yampal the only one of its kind on the entire territory of the Donetsk region It was built on the site of an old and abandoned farm for growing cattle My dream is to establish a long cherished local businessman Dmitry Reznitsky  ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Holy Resurrection Church

    Holy Resurrection Temple is one of the oldest religious buildings Ukrainian Slavic city It was founded in 1775 on the picturesque shores of the salt lake Old street Among the faithful church known as the place where he spent the Holy Liturgy ... attractions, Cultural objects

    Памятник Камышеву В. М.

    Памятник Камышеву

    Monument to Artem

    22 meter high statue of famous revolutionary Artem (alias Sergeeva) rises above the domes Svyatogorsk monastery on the top of one of the mountains over the Seversky Donets Monument Cubist created in 1927 by sculptor Kavaleridze Most  works on... attractions, Cultural objects

    Historical Museum Svjatogorsk State Historical-Architectural Reserve

    It is important to know that this reserve is a complex of monuments of Ukraine It collected more than 10 thousand exhibits which occupy five floors Each room has its own assigned era In the exhibition rooms is well traced the emergence of the Holy... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Artyom monument

    Monument to Artem a monumental statue of the legendary revolutionary looking at the city from above Kolasa led to the mystical and mysterious elevation which is called Bald Mountain in Svyatogorsk In the early autumn of 1927 on top of the mountain... attractions, Cultural objects

    Deanery in the Holy State Historical-Architectural Reserve

    Svyatogorsky State Historical Architectural Reserve combines a complex of monuments shrines temples monuments structures of economic purpose One of these achievements is the Abbot House The house is located in the central  SGIAZ part The house... attractions, Cultural objects

    All Saints monastery in SGIAZ

    Usіhsvyatskay monastery is located in the south east Sviatohirsk Lavra He looks unusually local carpenters to build it from the huge pine logs decorated in the style of carving ancient wooden architecture XVI XVII centuries Even before the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Treasury body in the Holy State Historical-Architectural Reserve

    In the heart the central part of Svjatogorsk State Historical Architectural Reserve is located treasury housing It was built in 1850 1851 years Initially the room layout provides two floors The building served as the treasury of the monastery... attractions, Cultural objects
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