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    River Ros

    Ros River flows through the lands of Ukraine on his way flows into another river the Dnieper and then in the Black Sea It was she who in the opinion of a plurality of historians gives rise to the name Rus With a length of more than 340 kilometers it... attractions, Natural Attractions

    St. Isidore

    St. Isidore was built in security in the XIX century. Stone building is in neo-gothic style. The church is located in the cemetery. Next - the tomb with a stone cross and the inscription "Boleslaw Kuklinski".... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Water mill

    Complex of stone houses built a water mill on the river in the middle Rostavitsa XIX century Gloomy pseudo three storey building with spiers situated on the right bank of the river is considered one of the most original samples of industrial... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Cathedral of St. Anthony and Theodosius

    • /en/page/sobor-sv-antoniya-i-feodos ...
    • Vasylkiv
    There is a legend that from Kiev Pechersk Lavra to the Cathedral of Saint Anthony and Theodosius in cornflower laid underground passage A fact the fact that the cathedral is very similar to the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin Kozelets... attractions, Natural Attractions
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