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    Парк "Перемоги"


    Черкаський міський зоологічний парк

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    • Khutory

    Cherkassky zoo

    • /en/page/cherkasskij-zoopark
    • Khutory
    Cherkassky zoo located in the southwestern region of Cherkassy On an area of ​​4 hectares is growing a large number of green spaces many of the plants are rare species In Cherkassy zoo contains more than 200 species of animals   the total number... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Першотравневий парк

    Monument moonshine

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-samogonnomu-appa ...
    • Cherkasy
    Monument moonshine installed in Cherkassy in 2008 has developed a model of the artist J Fieser sculpture produced by sculptor N Churkanov Two meter sculpture depicts a mustachioed Ukrainian with a glass behind which gurgles  moonshine and next... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Light and music fountain

    • /en/page/svetomuzykalnyj-fontan
    • Cherkasy
    Light-musical fountain in Cherkassy, ​​in the park for the State Administration, revived in 2008 after 10 years has not worked. Reconstructed on the initiative of the city government through sponsors.... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Парк "Долина троянд"

    Rose Valley

    Park Valley of Roses is located in the city of Cherkassy ​​on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper but not far from the city center just five hundred meters This place is considered as one of the favorite places of citizens and one of the main... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Дитячий парк

    Jubilee Park

    Park Jubilee (50 Years of October) in Cherkassy a monument of landscape architecture the best park of the city Founded in 1967 by architect G landshaftnik Ursati engineer and landscaping E Smirnova Located on the banks of the Dnieper River in an... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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