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    Manor Trubeckogo

    The ruins of the palace of Prince Trubetskoy one of the few surviving manorial estates of Kherson Built in the French Renaissance style on the high bank of the Dnieper The main entrance with stone gate and corner towers overlooking the river... attractions, Cultural objects

    Watch tower

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    Water Tower provides water to the estate of Prince Trubetskoy built in the 80s of the XIX century Probably based on the ruins of an ancient watchtower According to one version the tower was built in the time of Duke Vytautas (XIV c ) When to these... attractions, Cultural objects

    Ruins Kizi-Kerman

    Fortress Kesey Kerman (Gaza Kerman) was built by the Turks in the late XV century on the banks of the Dnieper on the spot they had seized the Lithuanian Customs Vytautas Served as an outpost for attacks on Ukrainian land as well as to counteract the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Vvedenskaya church

    Ancient Cossack Temple an architectural monument of the XVIII century The only wooden church in Kherson Built of oak in 1725 in Zaporozhye fortress transshipment (the current paragraph Svetlogorskoye at the confluence of the Dnieper river Vorskla)... attractions, Cultural objects

    Legendary tachanka

    Grandiose sculpture in honor of widely used during the Civil War mobile firing point carts glorified in Soviet literature and art First used in combat installed on a horse drawn  cab machine gun Maxim anarchist army units began N Makhno but... attractions, Cultural objects


    Remnants of fortifications on the banks of the Dnieper River in the village of Tyaginka are Lithuanian and Turkish times In the XIV century A large settlement on the island was built by Lithuanian castle Tyagin with three round towers at the corners... attractions, Cultural objects


    Lutheran church of St John was built in the XIX century on the site of a wooden Lutheran church in 1787 which began the creation of the Swedish settlers Swedish village in the Kherson region The interior combines the Protestant and Orthodox motives... attractions, Cultural objects

    Kamenskaya Sech

    Kamensky Zaporozhye the most preserved remains one of the few Zaporizhzhya Sich that existed in Ukraine from the XVI to XVIII century Sich was defensive fortress serve as administrative and military center of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks   Kamenskaya... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of the Intercession

    Church of the Intercession in Chaplinka built in 1844 at the church acted a parish school. At the present time - the current Orthodox church.... attractions, Cultural objects
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