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    Потьомкінські сходи

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    У радянські часи сходи була перейменовано в пам'ять повстання на броненосці «Потьомкін» у 1905 році (до революції називалися Рішельєвськими так як у її початку стоїть пам'ятник графу (дюку) Де Рішельє засновнику міста) Будівництво цих гігантських... attractions, Cultural objects

    Odessa fortress

    Remnants of fortifications Odessa fortress which General Alexander Suvorov laid after the destruction of the Turkish fortress Hadzhibey Fortress lasted only 20 years Quarantine preserved arcade wall with the Powder Tower and St Andrew's  Bastion... attractions, Cultural objects

    Panteleimon Monastery (Athos Compound)

    Founded by Greek monks of Mount Athos Took pilgrims departing from Odessa to worship the holy places Five domes of the monastery unusual modeling and mosaics on the walls reflect a mixture of different architectural trends of the XIX century St... attractions, Cultural objects

    Archaeological Museum

    Odessa Archaeological Museum one of the first museums in Ukraine Founded I Blaramberg that gave part of his collection of antiquities Development was promoted by 1839 Odessa Society of History and Antiquities which has  the right to carry out... attractions, Cultural objects


    • /en/page/deribasovskaya
    Celebrated by writers and poets street in the center of Odessa which runs April 1 Parade of humor during the annual celebration Humorina On other days open for hiking there is a brisk trade in paintings and souvenirs In the park there are... attractions, Cultural objects


    • /en/page/privoz
    The famous Odessa Privoz a colorful bazaar where you can buy everything one of the symbols of Odessa Built in the first half of the XIX century on imported Sq as a branch of the Old Bazaar bringing originally intended for trading on wheels t e of... attractions, Cultural objects

    Trinity Cathedral

    The oldest temple of the city Holy Trinity Greek Church was built by architect Frapoli F and A Todorov in the classical style Founded in 1795 was intended for the Greek community of the city was first made of wood In 1804 the solemn laying ... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument to Duke

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-dyuku
    Monument Armand Emmanuel du Plessis Duke (Duke) de Richelieu who was one of the most popular mayors of Odessa Duc de Richelieu a Frenchman by birth emigrated to Russia after the French Revolution of 1789 In 1790 he took part  in the capture of... attractions, Cultural objects

    Passage Hotel

    Hotel Passage is located in the center of the city of Odessa It is a monument of history and architecture of the late XIX early XX centuries The building was designed by architect LL Vlodek and built 1898 1899 gg This is one of the most beautiful... attractions, Cultural objects

    Cathedral of the Assumption (Odessa)

    Stunning beautiful temple was built by the patrons Odessa merchants Nicholas and Jacob Cherepennikov Author of the project known architect L TS Otto Start of construction is dated 1855 year it is precisely at this time St Innocent of Kherson ... attractions, Cultural objects
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