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    Manor Czarnecki

    Entrance gates and landscaped gardens of the estate remained rooted in the Lyubeshove M Vyshnevetsky in the XVIII century Later the estate belonged to Zamoyski Mnishek until in 1754 is not taken over by Bratslav castellan J Czarnecki His descendants

    Capuchin monastery

    Capuchin monastery in Lyubeshove was founded in 1761 at the expense of the city owned the Bratslav castellan J Czarnecki Before completion Czarnecki has not lived and was honorably buried within its walls Abode consecrated only in 1786 but

    Pinsky Holy Monastery Varvarinsky

    Pinsky Holy Varvarynskі convent located in the Belarusian city of Pinsk The first mention in written sources of the monastery dates back to 1520 year It was founded during the Polish king Zhygimonte I Old wooden buildings of the monastery were 

    Jesuit College

    Pinsk Jesuit College built in 1635 1648 years And today is one of the great landmarks of Belarus The walls the thickness of which reaches 2 meters windows like loopholes numerous tunnels large basement for storage provisioning all of this suggests

    Holy Cathedral Fedorovskiy

    Orthodox Holy Fedorovskiy Cathedral is located in Pinsk and dedicated to St Theodore Tsіrana who is the patron of the city The church was laid in 1991 and in 2001 was completed its construction The project of the cathedral was designed by architect

    Стадион «Волна»

    Rio De Janerio




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