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    Andrew's Descent

    • Kyiv, Ukraine
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      historical territory

      Historical Street Andrew's descent had long ties with Upper Town hem. Rough cobblestone paved road winds steeply between the old one-two-story houses. This picturesque place, preserving the spirit of old Kiev, chosen by artists and traders souvenirs, there are always a lot of tourists. At the top of Andrew's descent is St. Andrew's Church, located below the museums, theaters, art galleries, antique shops, restaurants and cafes. Bulgakov Museum is open to the "house Turbins" (Andrew's Descent, 13), where the writer created the "White Guard". Next to the museum is a monument to Bulgakov. "Castle of Richard the Lionheart" (Andrew's Descent, 15) - apartment house merchant Orlova in the style of English Gothic Revival. On the contrary - the stairs to the top Castle hill (wooden castle was during the Polish-Lithuanian rule in the XV-XVII centuries.). The house number 2 b is the Museum of one street.

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