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    • Znamianske, Ukraine
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      Ruins of ancient manor Belyaus are on the beach near the western end of Donuzlav rerash near p. Znamenskoye. Fortified Greek settlement Belyaus appeared here in the second half. The IV. BC. e. The main element of the fortification was a powerful multi-story stone tower, the impressive ruins of which have survived to the present day. After several attacks Scythian base of the tower further strengthened protivotarannye belt. Composed of huge blocks belt had a height of about 5 m and gave the construction of a pyramid. Inside the tower are preserved well, and a large grain pit with the remains of wheat, millet and rye. In addition, discovered the foundations of economic, religious and residential complexes, in particular sanctuary dedicated cult dolphin that has no analogues in the northern Black Sea coast. In Late Antiquity settlement times there lived Scythians, then, in the X century. - The Khazars. Archaeological research.

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