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    Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova

    • Askaniia-Nova, Ukraine
    • Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova$$
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      Unique Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova counts its history since 1828, when it was founded on the initiative of the Duke Friedrich Ferdinand of Anhalt-Ketenskogo. According to the original intent of the founders of the future nature reserve in the early years was a shepherd's colony Duchy, but gradually turned and turned into a beautiful man-made oasis with stunning landscapes imagination.

      One of the features Askania Nova is that the water here comes from artesian springs. Water channels on specially laid almost immediately falls under each plant, the total amount of which is several thousands. Among the specimens of plants can be found representatives of hundreds of species, thereby Ascania Nova is one of the largest Ukrainian dendraparkaў Ukraine. More than seventy species of plants that grow in the reserve are included in the Red Book of Ukraine, and in addition they can be found here about hundreds of unique plants for the Eurasian continent. Employees scientific laboratories Reserve to maintain contact with specialists all over the world.

      During a visit to the reserve can meet representatives of various animal species, many of which are included in the Red Book of Ukraine, about five hundred are protected by the Berne Convention, the Bonn Convention, and consist in the Red List Europe. Landscapes of the reserve is transferred guests in North American prairies and vast African plains and hot deserts. In Askania Nova you realize now travel around the world with a lot of adventures.

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