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    Boris and Gleb Church

    • Boryspil, Ukraine
    • Boris and Gleb Church$$
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    • Boris and Gleb Church in Borispol was built on the site of the church, date of birth which dates back to the days of Kіeўska-Russian princes. The newly built church until 1989, the project was made Archbishop of Cherkassy and Kanivski Sophronia. This temple is striking in its grandeur to all visitors. The combination of elegance and simplicity of this pleases the eye observers, and going inside the temple, anyone will be able to evaluate the performance of the processing in the best traditions of this style.

      The church belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, dedicated to the great princes Boris and Gleb that come the sons of Prince Vladimir Svyataslavіchu. They were the first Russian saints, who appeared in the guise of strostoterptsev - Martyrs. Once they grasped death at the hands of his elder brother Svatopluk, so since they are substituents of the Russian land. They are also revered as a miracle-workers, healers, and to this day, they are legends about a lot of stunning healings that have occurred in their tombs.

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