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    Detinets (Val)

    • Chernihiv, Ukraine
      Preobrazhenska Street, 1
    • Detinets (Val)$$
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      historical territory

      The oldest part of Chernigov, a hill on the high bank of the Desna, where the prince and Detinets complex of fortifications of the city. Here are found the remains of towers and princely houses of the boyars. Perfectly preserved two temples XI-XII centuries. , Late construction Collegium (1700), the regimental office (XVIII c.), known as the "stone Lizogub" other buildings XVIII-XIX centuries. After the liquidation of the Chernihiv fortress in the XIX century. Fortification of the river turned into a park area, the monuments of Taras Shevchenko and Pushkin. Placed on the shaft 12 cast iron cannons bastion XVII. , Which is considered the hallmark of the city.

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