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    Dobranichevskaya parking

    • Dobranychivka, Ukraine
    • Dobranichevskaya parking$$
    • 9:00-17:00 
    • +38 (04475) 3-36-52
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    • 10,000 BC - this is the age of the discoveries of Soviet archaeologists in 1952 in the village of Dobranichevka. In fact, during the construction of the road through the village, was made one of the oldest in Ukraine finds - settlement of primitive people of the late Paleolithic. It was found a whole village with huts in a circle and square in the center, as well as mammoth bones, skulls, animals, pit-storage, fireplace, place of treatment of bone and stone. Archaeological Museum was built directly at the site, and the most prominent home covered pavilion. The museum - two panoramas and articles made of bone and stone.

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