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    Valley of the Dead excavators

    • Pantaivka, Ukraine
    • Valley of the Dead excavators$$
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      Morozov bat for a long time occupied the first place among the largest coal mines in Ukraine. Just a few years ago the work was in full swing here literally - huge walking excavators hourly were shipping hundreds of Kamaz coal. After closing all career technique was abandoned, excavators and slowly rusting scrap metal collectors are destroyed. This is a true valley of the dead iron monsters.

      Morozov incision was one of the few sources of lignite mining, but after the financial crisis in 2009, it was closed, the technique proved to be useless, and quickly filled quarry groundwater. In recent years, the quarry is very Morozov popular for industrial landscapes. The only problem is that every year the number of "items" is reduced.

      The main attraction is a giant Morozov career rotary excavator, the performance of which is 1,600 cubic meters per hour, the equivalent of almost two hundred Kamaz. The unit was constructed in 1970, its weight is 4 thousand tons. Other machines in an abandoned quarry not succumb to this giant and amaze its dimensions.

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