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    House-museum of German colonists

    • Ruchaivka, Ukraine
    • House-museum of German colonists$$
    • 11:00-19:00 (зимой 9:00-18:00), вых. - Пн 
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      Apartment house, built in 1896, a German-Mennonite Arnold Peters in Ruchaevka, turned his descendant Victor Dick in a museum of German colonists. The house has preserved the original layout, furnishings, furniture. Collected here are a variety of tools, Houseware German settlers. Of particular interest is the machine to clean the ears of corn, made in 1861 at the plant Copa. In the attic is acting smokehouse. The hosts guided tours, during which (upon optional) offer visitors a tasting: sausages domestic production, German beer kegs, as well as homemade bread and baked in the oven potatoes with bacon.

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