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    Oak Zaliznyak

    • Buda, Ukraine
    • Oak Zaliznyak$$
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      Natural Monument

      Oak Maxim Zaliznyak in Bleak Yar - one of the oldest oak trees in Ukraine (possibly the oldest). According to various estimates, it is from 1000 to 1200 years. Oak-patriarch grows on the southern slope of the ravine on the territory Kirikovskogo Tracts Cold Yar on the outskirts. Buda. Is This the largest in Ukraine and one of the ten largest in Europe trees. His girth - 8,9 m, height - 24 m. The trunk is six times struck by lightning. Under his crown rested B. Khmelnitsky, Nalyvaiko, Shevchenko, but he called the name of M. Zaliznyak - Haidamaks leader, which operated in the area. Oak Zaliznyak considered a symbol of the Cold Ravine, as well as one of the symbols of the Ukrainian Cossacks. Near the monument to the residents. Buda, who died during the Second World War. At the entrance to the reserve works cafes and souvenir shops.

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