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    Dubno Castle

    • Dubno, Ukraine
    • Dubno Castle$$
    • 8:00-19:00 (зимой - до 17:00) 
    • +38 (03656) 4-35-68, 4-24-01
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      fortification, 1492

      Ancestral castle of the princes of Ostrog was built in the XV century. Belonging Then a few aristocratic birth: Zaslavsky, Sangushko, Lubomirski, Baryatinsky. Over the centuries, remained impregnable Dubno Castle - walls weathered repeated siege of the Crimean Tatars in the XVI century. , Cossack detachments M. Krivonosa and Russian troops in the XVII century. At various wars XVIII-XIX centuries. was visited by Hetman Ivan Mazepa, the Swedish King Karl XII, King Peter I, Suvorov and Kutuzov generals. Dubno Castle is surrounded by moat, which is spanned by a bridge leading to the gate and gate housing. On the right is the palace of Ostrog (XVI c.), And the left - Lubomirski Palace (XVIII century.), Which preserved stucco Italian master D. Merlini. In the XVII century. castle was fortified by two bastions and towers, made by the engineer Vauban. With the "Maiden Tower" is a legend of Princess Beate and her accurate shots from a gun on the tent Tatar khan, besieged the castle. There is a whole system of cellars and underground moves. They, in particular, are described in N. Gogol's novel "Taras Bulba", the main action which takes place around the Dubno Castle. In one of the cellars arranged exposition of the museum of torture instruments - held theatrical tours. Souvenir shop. Every year, on the square next to the castle goes rock festival "Taras Bulba".

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