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    Palace of Count Ksido (Castle)

    • Khmilnyk, Ukraine
    • Palace of Count Ksido (Castle)$$
    • 14:00-17:00, вых. - Чт, Вс 
    • +38 (04338) 2-52-20
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      palace / mansion, 1534-1915 gg.

      Palace of Count K. Ksido, who served as adjutant general Stessel, built in 1913-15 years by architect. Fomin on the basis of the Lithuanian defense of the castle of the XVI century. From time to save Lithuanian octagonal fortress tower (1534), which served as a minaret of the mosque during the Turkish rule, as well as fragments of fortifications, giving the palace medieval view from the river, from the stone bridge across the Southern Bug (1915, Arch. - Fomin). Bright contrast it creates a front facade, made in Renaissance style and decorated with a colonnade. Inside the palace, until recently, worked as a hotel, the building is now in disrepair. In Turkey, the tower in 1976, local historian enthusiast Historical Museum is open on a voluntary basis.

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