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    Potocki Palace (Museum of European Art)

    • Lviv, Ukraine
      Mykolaia Kopernyka Street, 15
    • Potocki Palace (Museum of European Art)$$
    • 10:00-16:50, вых. - Пн. 
    • +380(32)298-67-99
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      palace / manor 1888-90 biennium.

      The most luxurious palace in Lviv created for influential Polish magnates Potocki designed by French architect. Ludwig de Verney, with the participation of the Polish architect. Yu Tsybulsky. His style resembles a French chateaux of the Classical period. Preserved interiors in the style of King Louis XVI. In particular, on the ground floor housed staterooms for the reception, the design of which is widely used in stucco, gilding, colored marble, painted. In Soviet times, was placed here wedding palace. Now occupies the premises of the European Museum of Art (Department of Lviv Art Gallery). The presented works of artists XIV-XVIII centuries. from different European countries. In the courtyard of the palace Potocki opened miniature castles park. Arch. I. Kacher created in scale 1:50 layouts 8 fortifications, now existing or previously existing on the historical lands of Ukraine-Rus: Ostroh Castle (XIV c.), Defense church in Sutkivtsi (XV c.), The Church in the cemetery was (XVII century.), Templar Castle in average (XIII c.), Olesky Castle (XIV c.), the Church in Poland Posada Ribotitskoy (XIV c.), the Belarusian Kamenetz Tower (XIII c.) and Lviv High Castle (XIII century.).

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