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    Palace Tereshchenko

    • Chervone, Ukraine
    • Palace Tereshchenko$$
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      palace / manor house, XIX century.

      Significant, though much dilapidated three-storey neo-Gothic building with two towers stands in sharp contrast with the surrounding agricultural landscape of the village of Red. Palace with pointed windows and other Gothic features built tycoon A. Grokholsky, which in XVIII-XIX centuries. belonged to Red. In the context. XIX century. property acquired saharozavodchik N. Tereshchenko. He reconstructed the palace and the nearby sugar mill. His son, F. Tereshchenko in the beginning. XX century. opened at the plant aviamasterskuyu, which in 1913 launched production of airplanes for the military. When the plant operates a small museum dedicated to the history of the aircraft industry and the family Tereshchenko. Red Palace is now owned by the convent of the Nativity Christ, but restoration work is not carried out, and the building continues to age.

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