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    Dzharylgach Bay

    • Krasne, Ukraine
    • Dzharylgach Bay$$
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    • Dzharylgach Bay is located in the waters of the Black Sea, between the eponymous island and the coast of Kherson land out to sea. Bay stretches almost 70 kilometers in length, and its width is more than 20 kilometers. The Gulf is as deep places that reach 8 meters deep and shallow waters off the coast. The water in the bay is only due to the Black Sea. None of the waterways of Ukraine is not evident in Dzharylgach bay.

      Thanks to the good climatic conditions, on the shore of the Gulf of Dzharylgach within a large number of settlements are recreation centers and resorts. In these recreational areas rests a large number of people. Here, in addition to recreation, people get preventive procedures respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Also, a large number of patients visiting hospitals within Dzharylgach Bay because of its special atmosphere saturated with bromine ions. Apart From addition, Skadovsk is the port that also comes in Dzharylgach Bay and connects the city of Kherson with other ports of the Black Sea area.

      In 2009, the forces of power was created Dzharylgach National Park. In the territory of the nature reserve was included about two and a half thousand hectares of water surface Dzharylgach Bay.

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