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    Catherine's Cathedral

    • Kherson, Ukraine
    • Catherine's Cathedral$$
    • +38 (0552) 24-15-56
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      religious building, 1782-87 years.

      Catherine's Cathedral in Kherson - an outstanding monument of the XVIII century. Style of early classicism with Balkan motives of medieval architecture. Monumental cathedral with a bell tower was erected in 1782-87 years on the site of a wooden church of St. Michael's on the former Kherson fortress. Named in honor of St. Catherine and Empress Catherine II, who visited the temple in 1786 Preserved chair set made specifically for the Empress. The interior - paintings attributed V. Borovikovsky and D. Levitsky. In 1791 in the crypt under the cathedral was buried, Prince Potemkin-Tauride. On the territory of Catherine's Cathedral is "Pantheon hersonka fortress" - the burial of officers who died in the Russian-Turkish war.

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