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    Gomolshanskie forest

    • Sukha Homilsha, Ukraine
    • Gomolshanskie forest$$
    • +38 (05747) 3-09-60
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      Timeless array of deciduous forest on the bank of the Seversky Donets River, 40 km south of Kharkov, between the villages of Big Gomolsha and Koropovo. National Park "Gomolshanskie forest" was created in 2004, but still in the eighteenth century. on the natural value of the local landscape drew attention to Peter I, who issued a decree on the allocation of ship near Gomolshi protected groves. In 1970 was created reserve "Gomolshanskie forest cottage" began to appear around the recreation center. The list of rare plants in the forest is 132 species. One of the areas referred to "Branch of the taiga," because here grow very tall silver fir. Has survived about 500 hectares of oak forest age 130-150 years, there are some 300-year-old oaks. It is home to rare birds, such as white-tailed eagle, golden eagle, fisherwomen blue, pcheloedka, sivoraksha, vivelga and others. The picturesque bay Kosach chosen waterfowl. Preserved archaeological monuments of the Stone and Bronze Ages, settlement and burial of the Scythian, Alan and Slavic antiquity. Base National Park is located in the village of Zadonetskoe, guided tours.

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