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    City Duma

    • Odessa, Ukraine
    • City Duma$$
    • +38 (0482) 35-90-49
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      The building was built in the classical style (arch. F. Boffo) for the Odessa Commodity Exchange. The main facade is decorated with 12 columns and sculptures. Subsequently, it houses the City Duma (now - Odessa City Council). On the square in front of the Duma set old 250 pounds of cast-iron cannon trophy with English steam frigate sunk Tiger in the memory of the Crimean War. Monument to Alexander Pushkin, created in 1888 at the expense of citizens, established at the beginning of the Primorsky Boulevard back to the Duma (according to legend, so the citizens to express their attitude to the city authorities, which are not allocated to the monument a penny from the budget).

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