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    City arsenal

    • Lviv, Ukraine
    • City arsenal$$
    • 10:00-17:30, вых. - Ср. 
    • +380(32)235-86-61
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      fortification, 1554-56 years.

      Fortification, part of the urban strongholds. First arsenal existed yet at this point in the beginning. XV century. But in 1554 it was demolished and built a new two-story room for the manufacture and storage of weapons. The building is designed Arch. I. Fox, reconstructed in the 1574-75 biennium architect. Mochigembo. When arsenal workshops were open for casting cannons and bells. In the XVIII century. When the Austrian authorities, the building was used as a prison. In 1981, the museum was opened in the premises of "Arsenal", which is one of the country's best collections of weapons from 30 countries. The exhibition graceful Arabian swords, heavy European two-handed swords, armor Polish "winged hussars" gun with coats of arms and motto, and more. The museum's antique shop.

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