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    • Kharkiv, Ukraine
      Свободи площа, 5
    • Derzhprom$$
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      architectural monument, 1925-28 years.

      The complex of buildings houses the state industry built on the initiative of Felix Dzerzhinsky, becoming the core of a new administrative center of Kharkiv, the then capital of Ukraine. This is the first high-rise reinforced concrete structures in the USSR (63 m). Useful floor area of ​​60 sq. m. The building was designed by a group of Leningrad architects in the trendy and good then the style of constructivism. Construction under the direction of P. Rotterta was completed in record time - 3 year. Until 1934 there was placed the Council of People's Commissars of Ukraine. In 1955 the roof was installed one of the first Soviet television tower height of 45 m. Now the building houses the regional government offices set of firms. In the 5th entrance there is a museum Gosprom created in 1980 with the participation of Kharkiv writer E. Zvonitskogo.

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