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    Granite frame

    • Kremenchuk, Ukraine
    • Granite frame$$
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      Granite rock on the bank of the Dnieper in Kremenchug - geological monument of nature and ancient geodesic sign. By Ser. XX century. used as a rapper - a sign that secures point the earth's surface, whose height relative to the original level surface determined by leveling. Scala is the output gray biotite-plagioclase magmatites aged 2.5-3 billion. Years. It is also called granite registry. On a cliff overlooking 5-6 meters above the river, marked the biggest mark the water level in flooding on the Dnieper River from the XVIII century. These floods occurred in 1789, 1820, 1845.1877, 1888.1889, 1895, 1945 Since 1970, the granite frame is a natural monument of local importance.

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