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    Cold Yar

    • Buda, Ukraine
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      Natural Monument

      Cold Yar - the historic area along one of the tributaries of Tyasmin. Is a system of gullies, hills and ravines, covered with relict deciduous forest area of ​​7 thousand. Ha. In the Bleak Yar growing many rare plants. Distributed Climate version of the origin of the name - in a ravine in the summer is always cooler than the surrounding area. Here found traces of archaeological cultures, starting with Trypil'ska. On the territory of the Scythian settlement Motroninskogo (VI c. BC. E.) Located Motroninsky monastery around trees and preserved Scythian burial mounds. At all times the ravine served as a refuge for local residents in an attack enemies are operated units, Haidamaks, Ukrainian insurgents, Soviet partisans. Across the road from Cold Yar T 2402 "Chyhyryn - Kamenka", it is located along the village Medvedevka, Millers, Buda. Excursions in Bleak Yar organize employees Medvedevsky museum.

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