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    Temple Paraskeva-Friday

    • Chernihiv, Ukraine
    • Temple Paraskeva-Friday$$
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    • Church of St. Paraskeva-Friday or Friday Church, the former Cathedral of Chernihiv monastery is one of the oldest architectural monuments of the Ukrainian city of Chernigov. Built in the XII century church with very thick walls, windows and loopholes massive columns resembles a fortress. Its architecture allows scientists to assume that the architect of the church was Peter Miloneg, the architect of Old Rus time.

      As a result of numerous rearrangements Cathedral repeatedly changed its appearance. It was rebuilt and overbuilt in the XVII century, the building is subjected to change after the fires that occurred in 1750 and 1862. In 1786 Chernihiv monastery with all the buildings were demolished, Cathedral stayed and continued to exist as a parish already Friday Church.

      During the war, the church was destroyed. It began to recover in the years 1943-1945, in 1962, under the direction of architects PD Baranovsky and MV Kholostenko, it was restored in its original form, presenting a model of the architecture of Kievan times Rus.

      Inside the temple is decorated with fresco paintings, tiled palіvanymі colored tiles.

      Now the church is acting.

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