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    Historical Museum

    • Avilovka, Ukraine
    • Historical Museum$$
    • +38 (06252) 2-31-37, (06252) 2-56-11
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    • Museum of the History Yenakievo opened in 1977 as a national museum in 1979 became a department of the Donetsk regional museum. In 1992, the museum received a status of an independent State Museum of History Yenakievo. The exposition of the 15 th. Of exhibits located in 4 rooms. The museum has a unique collection donated by archaeologist V. Klimenko: flint blades Paleolithic tools and vessels catacomb, babkinskoy culture. There are rich materials Scythian and Sarmatian period. Own exhibition is dedicated to the fourth President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Very rich and interesting exhibition of things related to astronaut G. Shore.

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