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    Historical Museum Svjatogorsk State Historical-Architectural Reserve

    • Sviatohirsk, Ukraine
    • Historical Museum Svjatogorsk State Historical-Architectural Reserve$$
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      It is important to know that this reserve is a complex of monuments of Ukraine. It collected more than 10 thousand exhibits, which occupy five floors. Each room has its own assigned era. In the exhibition rooms is well traced the emergence of the Holy Mountain. This Golden Horde culture VII-XIV centuries, and historical tomb of the XIX century, and the time of Prince Potemkin, and events of the XX century. For visitors represented the remains of jewelry, pottery, paintings, copper coins, Scythian-Sarmatian and monuments much more.

      The reserve has a small room dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. There you can see photos of soldiers who fought and died for their homeland, the exposure of the battle.
      All the exhibits in the museum are going bit by bit. The reserve has its own archaeological expedition, which annually brings hundreds of thousands of new exhibits.

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